A Devil of an idea

With a near state of emergency in New Jersey, the newest NHLHS member Bill Kellet discusses the equivalent of uttering Voldemort in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Devils are abysmal and there appears to be no end in sight to their slide. They have recycled Jacques Lemaire one more time, they have failed to find takers for Brian Rolston and Jamie Langenbrunner and the Ilya Kovalchuk experiement has been a disaster. Couple all of this with the likelyhood of them not being able to re-sign Zach Parise due to cap constraints and it all looks like a never endng cavalcade of problems.

The team has been faltering all season and even all world goaltender Martin Brodeur has been average. Its a sad state of affairs for one of the most decorated players in league history as well as a life long Devil. With this in mind, what i am about to suggest should not be taken lightly, nor taken as fact as i have no basis for this statement, just a theory of how to help with the turnaround of a once mighty franchise.

It’s time to trade Brodeur.

Now before you all grab your implements of destruction and hunt me down for such blastphemy, hear me out. The one glaring weakness of the Devils otherwise stellar drafting through the years has been their inability to unearth a successor to Brodeur. They have tried with Jeff Frazee, Ari Ahonen even a young netminder named Jean-Francois Damphousse, but none have ever made the desired impact. There is realtively nothing in the pipeline for New Jersey and it has maybe been out of necessity that Brodeur has hung on this long in these conditions.

The Devils have a very competent backup in Johan Hedberg, who was almost the only thing there was in Atlanta for many years, so maybe it is time to start the rebuild and what better way then in goal.

My proposal would be to deal Brodeur to Washinton for one of their young goalies. Sure thats easier then it sounds, but think of the benefits for both clubs. Washington would get a great veteran goalie (arguably the best of all time) for their playoff run, and may even rejuvenate Marty. As well whichever goaie the Caps hung on to he could learn an invaluable amount from Brodeur and possibly get better at his craft.

Meanwhile New Jersey could acquire a young goalie who can grow with the organization and also gain valuable experience playing with a veteran like Hedberg.

Now this is all easier said then done of course and there would be more pieces required to pull off something of this magnitude, but i dont see it as out of the question. Brodeur and the Devils are saying all the right things of course, that they have no interest in dealing him and that he has no interest in moving, but if he had one last shot at a legitimate run on a good team, dont you think he would take it?

It is sad that it has come to this in New Jersey a once proud franchise now floundering. It is sad that a suggestion like this could even be made and still sadder is the fact that it makes sense. This has shown how far this organization has fallen. Stop the free fall now and allow Marty to  go out on top with dignity.