Memorializing Old Lady Mellon Inside of Consol

NHLHS Pittsburgh Penguins Correspondent Robbie Naugle takes a look at the newest idea to show tribute to the Mellon Arena.

On Wednesday, September 15th the city of Pittsburgh voted to demolish the Mellon Arena. Despite efforts of some special interests groups within the city to preserve the arena, the vote was passed and the arena will be demolished.

The Mellon Arena has been home to the Pittsburgh Penguins since their¬†inaugural season in 1967. Across the street stands the Consol Energy Center which will be the team’s home for the years to come.

On Thursday night via Twitter an idea was born that has taken over the city of Pittsburgh. The idea spread like wildfire across Pittsburgh blogs and even made it on to a sports talk show in the city. The idea came from Twitter user and Pens fan @PensBoozeAnger, also known as Mike. The idea was simple but would stand as a tribute to a building that gave us so many memories. Out a large window inside of the new Consol Energy Center provides an un-matched view of the Mellon.

The idea is to have this image of the Mellon Arena laser etched into the glass. It would be like having the Mellon Arena with us all the time even though it no longer stands.

When I first heard the idea I was completely behind it. Never did I imagine that it would gain this much support. On Friday morning the popular Pensblog did a post regarding the idea. Later in the day Mark Madden mentioned it on his daily radio show. It even has it’s very own Facebook group page, that when I last checked had almost 700 supporters and is growing as I type this.

Our whole objective as Pens fans is to get this idea recognized by the city and by the Pens organization. We have never known another arena. It will still be the one we call home. The old building holds so many of our best hockey memories. This is by far the best idea I have seen to memorialize the Mellon. I 100 percent support this idea.

I know a lot of people who may read this aren’t Pens fans and could care less. However, I ask that you just take a look at the links I provided below. If you are a Pens fan, I highly encourage you to help spread the word about this idea and join in support on Facebook.

This arena will always be home. Even with the brand new Consol Energy Center across the street, Old Lady Mellon will still hold a special place in our hearts.

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