Road to the Stanley Cup


With the Stanley Cup playoffs now rolling, 16 teams are now battling it out to get to the next round of the playoffs. The current game results present a fairly clear idea regarding the depth, talent as well as the experience possessed by the clubs that are all vying for a spot in the finals this year. Only a balanced and goal-oriented team stands fair chances of winning the coveted and most prestigious award in all of hockey, the Stanley Cup. With special attention paid towards the on-ice concerns, only those clubs that have the heart to persevere and compete stand a good chance to reach the finals.

There are certain teams that have performed far beyond the odds and expectations, and have come out as a surprise to observers who already have their own sports betting strategies. On the other hand, there are some capable and talented teams that have disappointed their fans tremendously. This clearly substantiates the fact that the talent of a team is surely not what people will consider while putting an online wager. It might also be ruled out from the hockey betting strategy sports-books available at Here is a list of some top contenders that stand the chances of reaching the final rounds, or perhaps lifting the finals trophy. We are about to analyze which among these teams deserve the bet America will place to be their favorites for the Stanley Cup. The list of top favorites is purely based on their performance in the 2013 season and in the current playoffs.

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Chicago Blackhawks

Winners of the Stanley Cup three seasons before and probably the team with whom most will place their online best, the Chi-Town hawks are likely to lift the cup and bring it back home this year. After playing 48 games this season, the Chi-town boys ruled the points table with a total of 77 points, which is more than a good reason to be the best and the most potential trophy claimant in the league. Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews are looking strongly determined to reprise their 2010 championship chase this year. With a tremendously improved goaltending at the hands of Ray Emery and Corey Crawford, the only drawback of the team has also been rectified now, leaving no reason for them to drop the golden opportunity this year. Currently, they are playing against the Minnesota Wild in the playoffs and are playing strong and hungry for the title. Anyone placing a bet online may consider the Blackhawks as the best choice for wagering in the playoffs. With or without the advantage of power plays, this team is a solid challenger for any other team in the NHL.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins are locking horns with the Toronto Maple Leafs for their first round playoffs clash. The race to cement a spot in the conference semifinals is giving way to an exciting battle between these 2 teams in the Eastern Conference. Winning 28 games in the regular season, the Bruins have decent sports odds to reach the finals and lift the Stanley Cup trophy. This, however, is not an easy task, with the Maple Leafs proving to be a tough matchup for this Boston squad. If the Bruins want to secure a spot in the conference semifinals and reach the finals, they should capitalize and use to their advantage the power of left-winger Brad Marchand, centre spinner David Krejci and the net-keeper Tuukka Rask.

Anaheim Ducks

The ice ducks finished awfully in the last year’s Stanley installment and ended on the 13th spot in the Western Conference. However, the scene is pretty different this year. The Ducks have got themselves a good number of amazing victories and have clinched the second spot in the western wing. The team started off really well and eventually climbed up the points tally to reach the second spot. The gruelling core of 3 amazing offensive players (Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry), excellent output of the team veterans (Saku Koviu and Teemu Selanne) and the stellar abilities of the rookie net-keeper (Viktor Fasth) have led the team so far, and are very effective in battling the Detroit Red Wings. The Ducks should play on a high level both on the offensive and defensive ends, if they want to get past the gritty Detroit Red Wings.

With these three being the top favorites heading down the road to Stanley Cup, the excellent gameplay of some other teams cannot be overlooked. With Detroit Red Wings being able to enter the the playoffs continuously for the past 21 years, their previous low ranking in the points table cannot be simply enough to believe their dismissal from the finals this year. One just need to see how the Red Wings are giving Anaheim a run for its money in their playoff clash in the west. Now, with the playoffs rolling, the finals appears closer everyday. It would be interesting to see whether the aforementioned hot favorites will make their way to the final conference semifinals or not.