The NHL Loop-Hole Club All-Star Team

Alexander Monaghan takes a look at what this potentially new group of UFAs would look like lined up together.  Yes, we know most of these contracts will stand.  We would love your added participation as we muse over this muddled in controversy team.

With this topic seemingly the only thing to write about, lets see how this team would fare against the rest of the league or rather against an Olympic team even.  Thanks to CapGeek we can play with numbers in a clean, database-y way; but there’s no reason to take any real credit for this.

Before we start, we know that most of these players will not hit the open market again.  Some of the contracts have already been registered for too long for the league to seriously remove them from their teams. Notice that league golden boys Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin come nowhere near this list.  Would the league be so adamant if the Penguins of Capitals fully front loaded their deals?

Ilya Kovalchuk – Henrik Zetterberg –  Marian Hossa

The best of both worlds as Kovalchuk and Hossa re-unite as do the latter and Zetterberg.  Considering both Hossa and Kovalchuk are at the center of the controversy, it felt only fitting with them on the top line.  In addition, Hossa could play for the fourth straight season in the Stanley Cup Finals with a different team if his contract does become unregistered.

Dany Heatley – Jason Spezza -  Daniel Alfredsson

Yes this line never won a cup while other championship caliber players remain on the roster, but we couldn’t resist the temptation of re-uniting this trio.  Team Canada united the three San Jose forwards during their most recent gold medal so we just stay with the trend.  They did win afterall, not to mention Heatley fleeing from these very linemates

Mike Richards- Vincent Lecavalier – Danny Briere

This filthy Philadelphia duo sandwich a top scoring center in need of talented linemates.  Richards on the third line seems like a travesty but this all-natural center trio could be an excellent mix of grit and skill.

Scott Gomez –  Marc Savard – Shawn Horcoff

Ah yes, the mistake line.  None of the three really could crack a higher line, at least based off last season’s postseason.  The best question on this line would be figuring out the triggerman.  Oh the passing plays would be pretty…

Chris Pronger – Duncan Keith

Two of the best defensemen the game has to offer.  Leaving both players could crush both team’s defensive corps.  Arguably the best two players during last season’s playoffs, nuff said.

Lubomir Visnovsky – Kimmo Timmonen

Visnovsky and Timmonen would make any second powerplay unit lethal.  Despite their age they seem to have not lost a step and should actually play out their contracts.

Michal Rozsival – Matthias Ohlund

Rozsival plays first unit and consistently finds himself as one of the most underrated players in the game.  Both he and Ohlund would make an excellent third pairing as they both possess excellent hockey sense.  Ironically, in two years when Rozsival’s contract expires he could get a raise from his 3 million 2011-2012 salary.  With the right combination of minutes a 40 point season is not out of the question in his walk year (consider that contract registered for good).

Roberto Luongo

Miikka Kiprusoff

Luongo and Kiprusoff.  Two goalies on Canadian teams who often undergo scrutiny over their littlest indiscretion.  Would their teams miss them?  Would they miss Canada.

Considering only a handful of players failed to make their country’s Olympic team we would wonder how this superstar team would fare against international competition.  Vote below over which National team the loop-hole heroes could defeat!

  • Team Canada
  • Team USA
  • Team Finland
  • Team Sweden
  • Team Russia
Created on Aug 10, 2010