It Took So Long to Bake Him: Thrashers Let Clarke MacArthur Walk

NHLHS Atlanta Thrashers correspondent Laura Astorian breaks down the reasons why the organization parted was with Clarke MacArthur.

The Atlanta Thrashers have never had a player go all the way to an arbitration hearing until today, and they had obviously never cut ties with a player because of a ruling they disagreed with.  Until now.

The Thrashers have decided to not accept the arbitrator’s ruling that MacArthur is worth $2.4 million.  The 25 year old left winger was acquired at the trade deadline from the Buffalo Sabres last year for a third and fourth round pick.  He promptly scored a goal in his first game as a Thrasher, and over 20 more games he scored a whopping two more.  He tacked on six assists for a grand total of nine points in Atlanta, which when you add it to his 13 goals and 13 assists in Buffalo, it gives you a pretty solid third winger.

Who happen to be a dime a dozen.  MacArthur won’t get a payday of $2.4 million from any other team.  Frankly, he probably should have taken the modest QO that the Thrashers extended to him.  The last thing that Atlanta needs more of is the cookie cutter 3rd line player.  They have let Colby Armstrong walk, and now MacArthur – two guys who were expendable are gone, leaving space for some of the young up and comers, especially the two Frolunda players Carl Klingberg and Frederik Petersson.  If they impress at camp, there’s space.  If they don’t, it’s not like there’s a shortage of serviceable left wings for the Thrashers to grab – maybe even a 20 goal scorer or two.  It’s not like they’ll never have the recipe for a Clarke MacArthur style player again.

Laura Astorian
NHLHS Atlanta Thrashers Correspondent
Twitter: @hildymac